Sustainability Museum

In November 2018 an international Conference on Sustainability took place in Vienna, Austria - the "Growth in Transition" Conference - with prominent speakers like Ban Ki-Moon.

In it´s final "Call to action" document which contains 10 recommendations for a sustainable future, there is also the recommendation for a "Sustainability Museum / Factory / Laboratory":
  • "7. In order to make sustainability visible, we recommend the foundation of a Museum / Social Innovation Ideas Factory / Laboratory for Sustainability Development. At this ‘museum’ creative, communicative and reflective spaces should be opened up - people need to be able to feel and grab sustainability. This museum should have a physical, virtual and strong social network dimension. It should be a space that leads to actionable co-created holistic sustainability approaches. Furthermore, sustainability should become a vital part of existing museums building on existing initiatives."

The ZUKUNFTSMUSEUM (=Museum of the Future) is an attempt to put this recommendation into practice.

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